The Trip Time Table.

Yes, this is long list of trips but don't worry, Year 13's will only miss 4 days of school per term and Year 12's 3 days. However, Year 13's especially are given time off during OED class time to catch up on studies in other subjects.

Trips with asterisks next to them are optional and aren't included in the course fee.

2012 Timetable

Date Years Trip Details
Sat 11th & Sun 12th12/13Canyoning Trips *($30)
Sat 18th & Sun 19th12/13Canyoning Trips *($30)
Sat 25th & Sun 26th12/13Caving Trips *($25)
Wed 7th12J24 Sailing Day
Thurs 8th13J24 Sailing Day
Fri 16th » Sun 18th12Motutapu Water Camp
Thurs 29th » Sun 1st13Taupo White Water Kayaking Camp
Mon 9th » Fri 13th12/13Round Egmont Tramp 1 *($150)
Mon 16th » Fri 20th12/13Round Egmont Tramp 2 *($150)
Sun 6th » Mon 7th12Waitakeres Tramp
Mon 21st » Tues 22nd13Minimum Equipment Tramp
Mon 21st » Tues 22nd13Survival Mission
Tues 29th » Fri 1st12High Ropes & ABL Course
Thurs 7th » Fri 8th13High Ropes Leadership Course
Mon 25th » Tues 26th10/13High Ropes Camp #1
Tues 26th » Wed 27th10/13High Ropes Camp #2
Wed 27th » Thurs 28th10/13High Ropes Camp #3
Thurs 28th » Fri 29th10/13Leadership Camp
Tues 10th » Fri 13th12/13Rock Climbing Camp *($120)
Sat 28th » Sun 29th13/13Hunuas Mountain Bike Camp *($80)
Sat 4th » Wed 8th13Ureweras Tramp
Tues 28th » Sun 2nd13OPC Camp
Sun 16th » Tue 18th13Final Mission
Wed 26th » Thurs 27th12OPC Camp
Mon 1st » Fri 5th12/13Kinlock to Kawakawa Bay *($200)
Wed 24th » Thurs 25th13First Aid Course
Sat 27th » Mon 29th12Kauaeranga Tramp
Mon 19th » Sun 2nd Dec9Year 9 Camps
Thurs 6th » Thurs 20th12/13South Island Climbing Camp *($600)