Inner Credits


To inspire and be inspired by the world and ourselves...

Innercredits is a programme that provides a group of young people the opportunity to spend three months together in a developing country devising ideas on how they can ‘make a difference’, from the environmental to the social, from the incremental to the grandiose. We want youth to be proactive and conscious participants in their world, and contribute toward making it – socially, environmentally, and economically – a better place.

Rather than instructing people how they could improve their lives based on our values, the programme encourages ‘inspirees’ to seek out, to learn and understand the values of their community and collectively come up with ways of improvement.

In a type of ‘pay it forward’ approach, after three months in a developing country, inspirees are given the opportunity to become inspirers as camp counsellors at a reputable American summer camp. Sharing their stories, adventures, successes and failures, it is hoped the inspirers will instil a sense of wonder into the camp attendees.

It is hoped this will translate to the campers, inspiring them to seek out their own adventures, challenge preconceived ideas and to make small positive changes in their own lives, whilst retaining a notion of the butterfly effect, that is, the impact and effects these decisions can have on someone else.

Inspiration is inspiring, and we want to help create memories and (interactive) experiences for young people that they can draw on, to help them realise how wonderful our world is, and how many opportunities there are to make it better.

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