What Past Students Have To Say.

Jarred Griffin

Jarred Griffin - 2008-2009

Taking Outdoor Education has easily been the best decision I have ever made. It has taken me to the most beautiful and amazing places throughout New Zealand and taught me incredible skills that I will use for the rest of my life, well exceeding any life lessons that I may have learned in any of my academic subjects.

With OED I have tramped to the top of mountains, through forests snow and through the two 'great walk' tramps of the north island. We have kayaked through fierce rivers, climbed to the tops of punishing rock-faces, crawled through caves, jumped off waterfalls and pushed beyond my comfort zones.

The OED family is an amazing bunch. Everyone gets along and the friendships that have been forged will keep for life. I feel I speak for OED students when I say, firstly that Dave Mason is truly inspirational and his passion makes every trip memorable. Also it will be deeply saddening to leave OED, the subject that has had such a profound effect on me and developed a passion of the outdoors that I will cherish forever.

Melissa Greacen

Melissa Greacen - 2005-2009

I took Outdoor Education right throughout my time at Howick College. This started when I was an overeager Year 9 at camp up until finishing Year 13. But I can genuinely say that taking OED was one of the best subject choices I took. Not only did I gain knowledge, life skills and leadership, but I've made some of the best friendships I'll ever make. The memories and experiences are irreplaceable and OED has always been a place to go to get away from 'life' at school and other stress. If you ever get the opportunity to take OED, DO IT!

Alice Flavell-Birch

Alice Flavell-Birch - 2008-2009

I believe everyone should choose to take this OED course. It was the most worthwhile subject I took - I learned more life lessons in a single trip than years of maths and science! I'm going to miss OED trips so much but mostly it's the friendships and unforgettable moments that I will remember. Thanks Mr Mason, you rock!

Tamsin Rushton

Tamsin Rushton - 2003-2006

I took OED in 4th, 6th and 7th form, and although it took up a lot of my time I have never regretted it. It’s an amazing and well planned course that takes you to unique locations all around New Zealand. I think that by taking the course I learned a lot about independence and leadership. It also increased my own self confidence and created a tight bond between the people in my class. Not many high school classes can offer you that.

Ben Lilley

Ben Lilley - 2003-2006

I really can't say much more about the OED course other than it's the best thing I have ever done. I can without a doubt say that the course helped me become the person I am today, it taught me more about life than all my other classes combined, and surprisingly enough it has helped me in my day to day duties of running a business. There are times where you're pushed so hard that you hate it, but the hard work pays off big time.

Also the friends you make on this course are friends you will keep for life, you get to know and trust each other more than most people would think possible. Simply amazing course.

Brenton Thornton

Brenton Thornton- 2004-2005

Making the decision to take on outdoor education at Howick college was probably the best choice I made during my school life. It is the only subject that taught me life skills about leadership, teamwork and perseverance. I consider it to be a huge contribution to my personal development and would highly recommend the course to any one. I had so many awesome experiences through OED that I would have never had otherwise. Dave Mason is a teacher who is genuinely passionate about what he does and made every trip memorable for everyone involved. Words really can't describe how much you learn through the course, not only about the outdoors but about yourself and life in general. If you get the chance to be a part of the OED family, don't pass it up. I guarantee you won't regret it.

Russell Neill

Russell Neill - 2002 & 2005

Being a part of the OED family was the highlight of my college years. Would you laugh if I told you that the life skills I learnt during OED had a big influence on my decision to study Art? The fact of the matter is; during the length of this course I gained so many skills, made so many friends and shared so many memories with students and a teacher who I respect on so many levels I wouldn't give it up for anything. The thing that inspired me the most was Dave Mason. My OED skills helped me get accepted to work at the eighth top summer camp in the USA and without them I would have been lost! Four years out of Howick College and I'm still going back to volunteer for trips and camps, what does that tell you!?

Stephen Kearney

Stephen Kearney - 2003-2006

Outdoor Education at Howick College would have to be one of the best subjects around. Not only did it test my physical limits but my mental limits as well. It was a life changing few years and taught me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Everything we did from team building exercises to tramping for days was excellent. Not only were the trips good but the Teacher also, Mr Mason was always committed to making sure it was an enjoyable, challenging and safe trip. I thoroughly enjoyed my years of Outdoor Education and would do it again in a heart beat.